To Bethlehem – The Christmas Game for the Entire Family

To Bethlehem – The Christmas Game for the Entire Family

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Get the add-on extra (replacement) pieces, 10 pawns and 2 dice and 70 plastic gold Roman coins and cloth bag.


Several years ago, I looked for a Christmas game that would allow me to interact with my kids, laugh and act goofy, and help us focus on the real meaning of Christmas. I couldn't find I made my own.

Since then, "To Bethlehem" has given us hours of fun, laughter, and family time.

Now, the game is available to you.


The family loves this game! It's a blast!! We play it all year round and the kids who cannot even read have already memorized some of the spaces on the board. My water bill takes a beating, beacuse they all love to run and flush the toilet - gotta play to know what that means.


UNBELIEVABLE!!! My children don't want it to be just for December. We play it often and love it so much!! Thank you Debbie & the kids for this game.
You are wonderful and I pray God will continue to bless your ministry.

--Kelly Babb of Syracuse, Indiana

What a great invention! Finally a game that celebrates and teaches the true meaning of CHRISTmas! Thanks for all the wonderful memories your game has provided! May God continue to inspire you with more great ideas! My husband also loves the You da' Dad desk calendar and your weekly emails!!! Thanks for ALL you do to glorify God!!!

--The Dulski Family of Cortland IL

I bought this game a couple of weeks ago and my daughter LOVES it. We play it at least once per day. It is great fun. Thanks for making a game with purpose that is so much fun.


Our kids (ages 6,10,14) LOVE this game! We play boardgames several times a week and this is the first one the kids request...everytime!
Great family game with lots of laughter!


Here are a few customer reviews from

* We got this game last year for our boys for Christmas. They absolutely love this game. Especially my 4 year old. We play all year round. It is just a hoot and great memories. Socks on hands and running to the bathroom to flush the toilet (you have to get the game to understand) Great family moments come out of this game, and easy for even the youngest ones in the family!

* Bethlehem has been a big hit with our family. We first played it 2 years ago. It brings the family together. You will have a lot of laughter and fun memories for years to come. Every family needs this!

* Our Dad is not a huge game guy but it's easy to get him to play this one with us at Christmas time and in the process create lasting memories for our children. You can get through a good game in about 30 minutes which is perfect for both parents' and kids' limited attention spans, and there are laughs to go 'round when Dad has to wear his sock on his left hand or mom has to pay shekels for mule parking. A great way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas when everyone needs a realignment following the present-a-palooza. A very worthwhile addition to your family's game collection.

*We all love this game. We have had it for two years now and love it. I am looking forward to pulling out again this coming season. My favorite part, as the mom, is all the laughing and smiles that abound while enjoying HIS season. My daughter's favorite part is figuring out at the end wether your beggar or a fine goods trader. My sons' favorite part is flushing the toilet and putting a towel on your head!! You can not go wrong with this game!

*Do you know that there are very few Christmas games out there, especially that center around the true Christmas story? This game is totally cool for the whole family. With five kids,and mom and dad playing, it's great to see a game with more than six players' pieces. Non-readers and readers alike can have a fun family night playing this game that we have reserved for the Christmas season. A truly memorable family tradition I see happening for years to come!

*This is a great game for "family game night". Lots of laughs from the kids when they see mom or dad with a towel on their heads. All ages can play unlike many other games. This is the most requested by the kids.

--Familyman Ministries

We just got our copy a couple of days ago and the first thing that struck me was how professional the game looked. We played for the first time with our two girls (3 & 6), and we all loved it! There was MUCH laughter, silliness, and good conversation while playing this game.

--Canadian Kat

Thanks for inventing such a fun and wacky game. It's just the thing to bring all ages around the table. We've even added a few "house rules," where you have to run around the house whenever someone lands on the camel stampede. Here's a fun photo of grandparents with socks on their hands :)

--Ian Roberts

Would teenagers enjoy this game? Do we need to purchase extra coins for a family of 5?
Thank you.

--The Mendez Family

We love this game and play it year around. We have played it with our extended families and now they want a copy. Everyone has fun.

--Keefler Family

i am 8 years old and i love it! i love it because i won the first game we ever played (it just arrived in the mail today)! i like all of the funny stuff. it is really a fun game.


I am 6 years old. I like flushing the toilet at Elijah's Rest Stop! It is fun!


Here are some answers:

1)This game can be purchased at Amazon, CBD, and a few stores scattered across the country.

2)The game comes with enough pieces for 10 to play.

3) Length of play - 20min. to an hour.

4) recommended ages 4-104 (yes, teenagers can play and even like it!!)

--Familyman Ministries

Yikes - the game was supposed to arrive in 1-2 weeks, and it came after just 3 days! How do I hold the kids off from our "game of the year" till after Thanksgiving!!!!? :-)

--Atkins Family

Our whole family enjoys this game. Teens sit in the kitchen and have a blast while parents watch from the living room and laugh! We even used it with the youth group at church last year at their Christmas party. We have 3 married children so far and each got his own game for his new family. Maybe we should have gotten a case, there are still 7 living at home!

--Sosebee Family

I am 8. We dont have the game but it looks interesting. From all the comments, it makes it look fun!

--James, Salem OR.

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Loving it for years!

Dec 10, 2014 by Anna

I bought this game several years ago when my children were really too young for it. We played it a handful of times. I keep it stored in the Christmas decoration bin, so they only see if each December. We pulled it out again this year. Yesterday, I was THRILLED when my daughters (ages 10, 8, 6) were playing it on their own!! My favorite part? As I whirled around the house doing chores, they would come up and kiss me-- they said the game told them to! :)

5.0 5.0 1 1 I bought this game several years ago when my children were really too young for it. We played it a handful of times. I keep it stored in the Christmas decoration bin, so they onl To Bethlehem – The Christmas Game for the Entire Family

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